Improve motivation and performance by creating a unique rewards culture within your organisation. Discover exclusive rewards for you and your employees - branded by you.


We invest the necessary time to discover the best service providers who offer unique rewards - only available to your employees.


All of the rewards are accessible from within your own branded app, helping to promote your company and culture. Your logo, your design, your rewards. 


By providing something for everyone, employees will stay engaged, motivated and healthy with CorporateVIP.


Your exclusive rewards and branding - help to attract, reward and retain a happy workforce. Show your appreciation for the hard work and loyalty they bring to your company.  

why reward your employees?

gallup data  :  January - July 2019


The percentage of employees that feel disengaged or unmotivated at work.


The percentage of employees that are actively looking for a new job or open to offers. 


The percentage of employees that felt something could have been done to stop them leaving their previous job. 

gallup data : march 2019

"The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary - and that's a conservative estimate."


"Disengaged employees take more sick days and are more likely to be late for work. They're more likely to miss deadlines, complain, and cause customer complaints. Turnover rates are higher when employee engagement is low. Morale tends to be low and happy employees find it more difficult to work to their full potential."

why reward them with corporatevip ?

Because we provide rewards they will use - at the touch of a button.
And it's all branded by you. 
Your logo, your design, your rewards.

Add value to your employment packages and create a rewards culture in the work place that your employees will love.

What can you find?
To cater for your every need, we partner with the best merchants and service providers across the following categories:
- Restaurants
- Retail
- Spa & Beauty
- Health & Fitness
- Professional Services
- Nightlife
- Entertainment and leisure
How does it work?
When you want to receive one of the exclusive rewards from our merchant partners - simply show a member of staff the digital voucher located within the app. 

With a large selection of great rewards across multiple categories, you will find something for you and your team - for every occasion.

Simple and affordable Price Plans

Designed to be cost effective for teams of all sizes, with a single price and no hidden fees.  

  • <50 employees for only 10€ per person, per year!
  • 50 - 100 employees @ 8€ pp/py      
  • 100+ employees @ 6€ pp/py
  • White label application for only 399€

do you work in Human Resources?

If you work in Human Resources or are interested to know more about the platform, contact us to start your free 14 day trial - no credit card required. 

Your trial provides full access to all of the available rewards, so you can experience the platform before committing. 

FOR service providers 

Your profile. Our clients. No charge.

Take the opportunity to offer your goods and services to our clients in a direct and unique way. Use your free profile to create loyal customers that will visit you again.

free profile
To claim your profile, simply provide an exclusive offer that is only available to our clients - the people that live and work in the Canary Islands. 
The benefits
Your profile promotes your business and contains a gallery of images, social media links, contact details and GPS location data. Everything our clients need to learn more about you.  

If you are a service provider, take advantage of your free profile so our clients can find you. Simply provide one or more rewards in the following categories:

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